Golden metal leash and collar

Many couples decide to use a Slave collar as a toy to spice up their sex life. Using Golden metal leash and collar gives you a chance to dominate your partner.

Why you should use this Golden metal leash slave collar?

Sex is not only enjoyment in the physical pleasures, but also great way to release the stress and of course to build up trust in your partner. In a while, sex can become a little bit boring. So, with a little bit of imagination and creativity you can easily spice up your sex life. Using sex toys like slave collar put one person in a dominant position, person who wears the collar with leash is lowered to the level of a serf. Because you trust your partner, you can relax and enjoy in sex play but also there is this special feeling to expect the unexpected. If you are the one who wear the Golden Leash Collar, you must obey your „leader“. He or she can lead you across the room or force you into positions on leaders wish. If you combine it with some rope or other binders and cuffs it can become very interesting.

While you can’t make certain moves, you are forced to obey your partners wish. So you build a trust between you two and of course you will enjoy in unknown pleasures.

What you get?

This is a shiny gold metal leash and collar with a rubber lining (for comfort during play). It have D ring which is securely bolted to the front. It have three holes for adjustment and comfort fit. Locking pin and three keys are also included. A locking pin secures the collar in the back.


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Locking slave collars

Every day sex routine can be very frustrating, so if you looking something new, you definitely need a locking slave collar. With this gear you can change your sex life upside down and find a lot of new ways to enjoy in sex.

Those collars are very old companion of man through history. But back then, they usually lock down the slaves to prevent them to escape.

In modern world, you can find many different slave collars but Locking slave collars are one of the most searched on the market.

Maybe you ask yourself, how to choose it for yourself or your partner. The answer is very simple. First of all, you must know from which material should be made your new locking collar. Some of users prefer to wear metal locking collar, others prefer leather. In my opinion and experiences, Leather slave collars are better. It’s true, that cleaning is a little bit tougher thatn cleaning metal slave collar. But, Leather slave collars are visually more effective, warmer and more comfortable, at least for me. You can choose also collars made from neoprene, steel, rubber or satin.

Of course, if you prefer metal, you should pick one which is made from metal.

Next thing about locking slave collars is that it’s good to know why and how you use it. You can always use this BDSM gear for sex games or wear it on party as a fashion accessory. Anyway, if you go to party, the lock should be smaller, or not, it’s absolutely your choice. Remember one simple rule! Slave collar that you wear, must be comfortable for you. After all, you’re the one which is locked with it

One more important thing. When you choosing slave collar for sex games, every collar should have at least one D ring. So you or your partner can attach a leash on it. It’s your choice, but it’s important to consider about it

Where to get Locking slave collar?

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Understanding the Significance of Wearing Slave Collars

Slave Collars have become extremely popular today with many people wearing them for fashion shows and other important events. However, in the early times, Slave Collars had a significant meaning. They were not worn by everybody in the society. In most cases, these collars were worn by slaves – both men and women. It is therefore important for you to understand the reasons why slaves had to wear these slave collars instead of other types of clothes. Understanding the meaning of the various types of Slave Collars available is also important because it will allow those who wear them today to understand their significance. This passage seeks to provide you with the necessary information pertaining to the various types of Slave Collars and their significance.

There are various types of slave collars that include the Male Slave Collar and female slave collar. According to the Gorean law, a slave had to wear of a slave collar as a sign of being submissive to their master. They also wore slave collars for visibility. They had to be differentiated from the rest of the people in the society. These collars were large in size such that a slave could easily be identified from a relatively long distance.

Today, a woman wears a Female Slave Collar for identity. They are mostly worn by people who live a life of BDSM (bondage, discipline, submission, and masochism). Contrary to what many people think, a Slave Collar is not worn for decoration purposes, instead it is meant to signify the wearer’s commitment in this kind of lifestyle. Slaves have to wear these slave collars in order to show their relationship with their masters. However, this commitment is out of their free will. The relationship between the slaves and their masters can be physical or spiritual depending on their prior agreement.

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The 3 Types of Slave Collars for Men

Slave Collars for Men are popular toys for submission games and bondage. These items restrict the movement and can really help set the mood, whether it is a complete dungeon scene or bedroom playtime. Slave Collars come in a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. They can be made from metal, neoprene or leather. For some couples who are engaged in BDSM, a Slave Collar for Men is more than a simple toy. BDSM Collars for Men symbolize the commitment between the submissive and dominant partners. Different meanings are also assigned to various types of collars.

Collar of Consideration

This collar is offered when the dominant one is interested in an individual as a possible slave. Once the slave accepts this type of collar, it means that he no longer has any interest in finding another master and is eager to see if their relationship would work. Only the master can remove the collar. The collar of consideration is worn 24/7 and acts as a reminder of the relationship between the master and the slave. The Collar can be an elegant gold chain or a simple stainless steel chain w/lock around the neck.

Training Collar

This type of collar should never be given to a mere obedient. A Training Collar should be worn during the slave’s training time. Depending on the master’s plan for the slave, she may want to get a collar with a leash or rings that allow bondage positions.

Full Collar

A Full Collar is given to the slave if the training is successful and both of them agreed to take the relationship further. The master must never offer a full collar unless she’s sure that she can live with this kind of relationship and it’s beneficial to her and the slave. A new bondage collar is needed for this occasion. This type of Slave Collar for Men is a full commitment between the master and her slave. The slave is acknowledged by the master as her property and the slave agrees that her words are law. This kind of relationship is consensual and the slave can leave at any time.

Slave Collars for Men help form and strengthen the relationship between the master and the slave. As mentioned, there are various types of Slave Collars  that you can choose from. Just make sure that the type of collar you will choose is comfortable and safe to use. This will definitely help you achieve the kind of scene you want to create and the level of satisfaction you want to feel.

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Best Slave Collars With Nipple Clamps

Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps is ultimate sex toy, which give user extremely high satisfaction, because it combine two sex toy in one. I think that nothing can give to user more satisfaction than sex toy which have features of two. Slave Collars are ultimate bondage gear which is very popular by couples which want to spice up their sex life and raise it up to a next level. Of course, many users of this kind of sex toys are comfortable with using BDSM toys for ultimate pleasure in their games.

Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps

Which Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps is the best is very hard to decide, because some of user love to wear Metal Slave Collar, others prefer Leather Slave Collar. Here is one more option which make picking the Best Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps even more tough. Nipple Clamps are very popular by women, especially by those which love to have their nipples squeezed. Many of Nipple Clamps don’t have adjustable clips.
Because it’s difficult to choose Best Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps, I decide to give you few pointers, where can you get this unique and very popular sex toy online and you decide which one is perfect for you.

Where can you get Slave Collars With Nipple Clamps online?

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Slave Collar With Nose Hook

People all over the world use many different accesories for dominating in sex and Slave Collars are one of the most using bondage gear.

If you are one of those who like to dominate or to be a subordinated in sex play, you probably some kind of accessories like Slave Collars or Body Harnesses. All of those are very safe for users, but of course, you should not overreact and go off the limit, because you can get or give some injuries. If you use sex accessories for fun and greater pleasure in sex, then you can really enjoy and have fun.

Plenty of Slave Collars have some additions like nose hook, D or O rings that you can easely attach the leash or handcuffs.

Slave Collar With Nose Hook is one of the Best Selling Bondage Gear. This Slave Collar can use men and women. It’s made from leather, Nose Hooks are made from strong metal.

With this Bondage item you actually get 2 in 1. You can wrap this Collar around the neck and attach the leash on it and you can lead your slave around the room.
When the Collar is wrapped aroud the neck you just wrap the hook around the back of the head and two metalic hooks place inside the nostrils of your partner.

You can adjust connection between Collar and hooks, more you tighten, less chance your slave have to look forward. When you tight it, he or she will be forced to look up.

Enjoy in using of Slave Collars or any other bondage items and always play safe!


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The Various Kinds of Slave Collars

Different manufacturers in different styles and with different accessories design Slave Collars. However, the extent to which the designs were applied varied from one designer to the other, as each one had the desire to outsmart the other and show off their expertise. Despite all these variations, it must be noted that there is a little difference between a Female Slave Collar and a Male Slave Collar. However, Slave Collars were made into different types that were commonly known to most people who used them like the slaves and their masters. Here are some of the common types of Slave Collars:


Coffle Slave Collar

This is a Slave Collar, which has a ring on it that is used in threading the chain through. However, the chain can at times be a temporary or permanent attachment. This depends on the slaves in the coffle.


Dance Slave Collar

This type of Slave Collar has a light chain that is attached to the collar. The light chain, which in most cases is oval in shape, is meant to set off the dancer. Some have wrist cuffs attached to them but with some freedom for movement.


Lock Slave collar

This is normally a Female Slave Collar, which as the name suggests is locked at the back of the woman. Different lock Slave Collars are made with different pins or disk locks that are used in locking up the collars. This type of slave collars can be made into different styles and designs but the most common or the one mainly used is cylindrical.


Message slave collar

This type of Slave Collar is mainly made of leather a has a message sewn on it. The message may be particulars of the slave or any other information that the sender might want to pass to the recipient. This can serve both a Male Slave Collar and a Female Slave Collar.


Plank Slave Collar

The plank slave collar is a Slave Collar that is used on slave benches. It has is a heavy wooden plank that has five openings that are semi circular. Whenever the plank is pushed upwards or lifted, it gives room for slave collars that are able to hold up to five slaves. When the slaves have been held in the collars, the plank is then chained to ensure that no slave escapes.


Plate Slave Collar

This specific kind is a Male Slave Collar that can at times also be used on untrained female slaves. It is metallic and is hammered at the section of the throat for the safety of the slaves.


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Things to Know About Men’s Slave Collars

It’s a brave new world, with sexual role playing taking a whole new dimension. More and more people are getting turned on by female dominated sex play, with Men Slave Collars taking particular precedence.

Male Collars have two extremes, with similar pleasure derived from either light, or extreme, and everything in between. Men’s Collars are characterized by a flat-headed screw, and a hinge, both on different sides. The general idea is typically role-play.

Men Slave Collar

This in the sense that the female end is the dominator-Commonly referred to as the mistress, and her male counterpart-the slave.

Role playing sessions involving Men Collars and any sought of bondage gear are fast becoming a popular trend the world over, but do, as well come with a significant amount of risk. It is important to note that the use of Male Collars should be restricted to consenting adults to avoid any potential mishaps. Men Slave Collars are all about movement restriction, role-playing for sexual gratification. It works pretty well for most, and provides an even better overall experience.

In this day and age, it’s all about exploration, finding something that adds on to your fantasy, and gives you the ultimate experience. Men Collars provide an interesting transition from the typical man-female hierarchy, and put the female firmly as the dominatrix, leaving the man at her mercy. With the rise of the Goth culture, more and more people are wearing slave collars as a fashion statement, it’s not quite clear, it may just as well be part of the role play-your guess is as good as mine.

Finally, Male Collars are an accessory meant to add to your ultimate experience, not a death trap. Most are leather bound, so they can easily choke you to death. So be careful, and play nice.

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Different Varieties of Women Slave Collars Used

The slave traders used Slave Collars in the ancient times. Even though the term slave was used to refer to all the slaves generally, these men and women were kept separately and were given different chores. For this reason, the owners of these slaves used various tools in handling them called slave collars. The Female Slave Collar or Women Collar was used in handling the feminine slaves while men were also handled using different Slave Collars.

Women Slave Collars are made in different materials including steel, leather and even planks of wood. However, all of the slave collars have locks by which they are secured after the slaves have been held onto them. An example of a Female Slave Collar is the Lock Slave Collar that is secured by as lock at the back of the woman slave. The particular type of slave collar uses pins or discs locks in holding the slaves into position. Once the woman is locked into the Female Collar, she is at the mercy of her owners since they are under restriction of movement.


The common Gorean Slave Collars had a hinged circular band which is flat and has a lock on the throat of the woman. A girl who is placed under this female collar is completely submissive to her master and can be called upon to perform any task that the master desires. This is because the Women Collar holds the girl into place such that she is not even able to move her body parts and also coupled with the brutal treatment that slavery is associated with, the girls are left with no power to defend themselves.


The slave masters however, used different Women Slave Collars on different female slaves. For instance, there was the plate Slave Collar. This type of Female Collar was used in handling those female slaves who have not been fully trained for handling with Lock Collars.

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Most Common Types of Women Slave Collars

According to Gorean law, a man is naturally entitled to own a woman. The woman in this case is seen as a slave of the man. According to this law, once a woman becomes submissive to a man, then she automatically becomes his slave. Women become legal slaves by wearing the Women Slave Collars, branding, or being submissive. According to Gorean law, although a woman becomes a slave by wearing the women collar, true sign of slavery should come from within. In fact, this law continues to provide that a man should always be free since he owes the slave and the woman on the other hand, should be institutionally subject, in her slavery status, to love submissions.

So, what are the various types of Women Slave Collars? There are many types of Female Slave Collars that can be worn to signify slavery. The first type of Women Slave Collars is the common Gor collar. This was normally worn by slave girls. It comprised of a band that was tied about the girl’s neck. The collar was flat and it hangs snugly on the slave’s neck. There is a lot of debate this type of Female Slave Collar. Many people still argue about the collar’s lock. However, the most important thing about the lock is that it could only be removed with a key.


Another common type of Female Slave Collar is the plate collar. This collar was different from the lock collar in that it was normally worn by low slave girls who hadn’t yet been trained to become high slaves. It comprised of straight iron bars that were normally coiled around the girl’s neck. It is also interesting to note the iron bars were coiled about the girl’s neck using a heavy hammer. What’s more, the slave girls did all they could to impress their masters so that they could be given a lock female slave collar instead of the plate one.


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